Building on the high level of support we offer on our own machines, including pulley re-crowning and various retrofit/upgrade options, our team of engineers can now service all other types of machinery found in the mill – backed by our in-house expertise in electrical, electronic control and hydraulic systems.

In addition we offer regular maintenance contracts to cover different requirements, as well as operator training courses, safety instruction and assistance with risk assessments.

Click on the enquiry button below to find out more about this comprehensive service solution or to enquire about any of the following machine upgrade/retrofit/service options:

Service Options

  • Pulley recrowning
  • Pressure sawguides
  • Remachineable sawguides
  • Sawblade Deviation Detectors
  • Replacement Setting Systems
  • Mist Spray Lubrication System
  • Replacement log carriage drive units (maintenance-free AC variable speed)
  • Maintenance-free DC injection braking systems
  • Service Contracts
  • Safety Training Courses
  • Operator Training
  • Risk Assessments


Stenner : Service Spares

Stenner carries an extensive range of spare parts in stock for rapid delivery, as well as recommended consumable items such as lubricant.

Click on the enquiry button below to contact the spares department with your requirements or questions.


Stenner Spares

Stenner Bandsaw Lubricant

  • Biodegradable, based on renewable materials
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe to use
  • Good Lubricant
  • Good Corrosion Protection
  • Consistent Viscosity
  • Perfect for spray systems
  • No dangerous residues
  • Prolong bandsaw life
  • Cost effective alternative to hazardous diesel
  • High flash point +270 degrees celsius
  • Available in 20 and 205 litre drums or 1000 litre IBC containers
  • Use straight from the drum

Stenner Most Popular Spare Parts

14700 Felt Pad

15177 Feed Roller

19392 Felt Pad

22463A Sawguide

LFRFP 3320 Lub

22502 Sawguide

22657 Sawguide

28012 Sawguide

28293 Scrapers

LLB7050 Lubricator

28296 Felt Pad

51231 Scraper

51233 Felt Pad

52232 Pressure Sawguide

Control Hand Wheel

67850 Remachineable Sawguide

71940T Pressure Sawguide

72267T Pressure Sawguide

Exchange Pulleys