Reeve Wood, a UK based manufacturer of bespoke engineered hardwood flooring in Kings Lynn, West Norfolk installed a new ST100HS Resaw from Stenner Ltd on 20th August 2015 and is already seeing great results. The ST100HS replaced Reeve’s old ST9 which was a good reliable work horse but could not cut to the precision Reeve Wood required.

Reeve had a requirement for a resaw that could cut fine veneers to increase the yield from oak boards to make their engineered flooring.

Tom de Winton, Managing Director of Reeve Wood visited the Ligna Exhibition in Hannover, Germany to investigate the options available and within two weeks had placed the order with Stenner. Tom comments “With a kerf of 1.4mm we have increased our yield by 30% and that is already showing a big difference in Gross Margin and deliveries of raw material”. Tom is very happy with the installation of the ST100HS which is at the cutting edge of low kerf resawing technology.