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Twin Centre Cutting Resaws


VHET137 – a band resaw of advanced design with many unique features to provide precision vertical cutting at very high feed speeds.

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  • Removal of blades from the front of the machine
  • Pressure saw guides
  • Sawblades and pulley cleaning systems
  • Pneumatic saw straining system
  • High precision hydraulic feedworks
  • Manual adjustment of feed roller dimensions
  • Twin resaws have a park facility, allowing one saw to be parked while the other is in use or feeding of timber through the saw without cutting.
  • Saw pulley diameter: 1370mm
  • Sawblade width (max): 200mm
  • Height under top sawguide: 400mm
  • Maximum opening saw to fence rollers: 280mm
  • Maximum opening saw to feed rollers: 230mm
  • Distance between saws 5mm(min) and 400mm(max)
  • Main motor: 75kW
  • Feed speeds (variable): 10 – 120m/min
  • Type of feed: 6 individually driven hydraulic motors
  • Standalone operators desk with touchscreen controls.
  • Remachinable pressure saw guides
  • Digital readout of the feed box positions
  • Variable pulley speed
  • Sawblade deviation detector
  • Ammeter to measure load on main motor
  • Two axis setting systems
  • Remachinable pressure saw guides
  • Pressure spray lubrication system
  • Remote saw tracking via cameras

Cutting Pattern