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Multihead Horizontal Resaws


MHS10 – Stenner’s range of MHS multi-head horizontal resaws is ideal for cutting fencing, pallet material and thin boards, as well as slab recovery and precision resawing of timber including hardwood.

With a thinner kerf and requiring less electrical power than a circular multirip saw, the MHS range offers productivity and economy; while modular design allows each installation to be tailored to specific requirements, including the number of heads and options such as angle cutting (ie feather-edge boards) and automatic timber return.

The speed of the track feed is steplessly variable and synchronised with the overhead feed arms, which operate as true radial arms to provide excellent control on differing thicknesses of material.

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  • Removal of blades from the back of the machine
  • Pressure saw guides system for rapid interchanging requiring no setting or adjustment
  • Sawblades and pulley cleaning systems
  • Pneumatic saw straining system
  • Saw disable functions, allowing saw to be parked out of the way while the other units are in use or feeding of timber through the saw without cutting.
  • Tilting saw units for angle cutting, up to 12 degrees
  • Internal overhead feed system with driven chains synchronised with chain bed
  • Ducting for sawdust extraction
  • Digital readout of feed speed
  • Saw pulley diameter: 1050mm
  • Sawblade width (max): 130mm
  • Standard saw speed 40m/s
  • Timber width Max: 305mm – 450mm(configuration dependant)
  • Maximum opening saw to chain bed: 305mm
  • Feed chains to saw lines 305mm
  • Main motor: 30kw (37kw optional)
  • Feed speeds (variable): 15 – 60m/min std, 7.5 – 30m/min (optional)
  • Type of feed: internal overhead feed system with driven chains synchronised with chain bed
  • Operators control station including speed control and start stop controls
  • Working height 900mm
  • Variable pulley speed
  • Remote control desk
  • Ammeter to measure load on main motor
  • Electric rise and fall of saw units or multi-axis positioning system with keypad entry
  • Pressure spray lubrication system
  • Remote saw tracking via cameras
  • Remachinable pressure saw guides
  • Cutterblock for whisker removal
  • Tilting saw units for up to 12 degrees
  • Integrated timber return system

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