Precision vertical and angle cutting for planing mills and timber merchants

Single centre cutting resaws are an established and important part of Stenner’s range of narrow kerf, high yield production machines.

With the widest choice of machine sizes and cutting options in the industry, Stenner is able to meet customers’ individual requirements for precision centre cutting, off-centre equalising, splitting of moulded components and dimension cutting.

Single centre cutting resaws comprise VHE models for vertical cutting only, and the VHF36 and ST10F for vertical and angle/bevel cutting.

Accurate, quality cutting is ensured by the robust ‘vibration-free’ construction combined with the powerful and effective pneumatic sawblade straining system
and pressure sawguides, with the tensioned wide bandsaw blade resulting in narrow saw kerf and therefore increased yield.

With machines often operating continuously on multi-shift patterns, minimum maintenance is a key factor. Stenner’s centre cutting feed system eliminates the chain drive between feed rollers, with each roller having its own hydraulic drive giving smooth and powerful feeding through the complete range. All models have three pairs of independently driven feed rollers. For rough sawn timber the rollers have spiral ‘flutes’ to provide a positive downward pressure on the material, while for planed timber smooth rollers prevent damage to the surface.

Feed roller boxes are mounted on linear bearings moving on precision ground shafts, which means the complete feed works is stable with no requirement for routine adjustment. The substantial linkage between feed boxes provides exact equalising of variations in input material and positive and rapid change between dimension and equalising modes.

The resaws are operated via a simple control panel that is conveniently located on the machine for easy access (the position of the panel can be tailored to customers’ requirements).

Heavy-duty cast iron pulleys give long service life between resurfacing, with cleaning fluid automatically delivered to the pad and scraper system to control of resin and sawdust build-up on the pulleys and the blade. Integrated ducting and extraction points are provided as standard on the VHF36 and ST10F and to the optional steel subframe of VHE models.

VHE36 – a compact, economical band resaw specially designed to meet the needs of planing mills and timber merchants where reasonable runs of precision vertical cutting are the normal requirement.

VHF36 – as the VHE36 above but with the additional capability of precision angle cutting, with the complete saw unit tilting and timber remaining horizontal for ease of handling.

VHE105 – specially designed to meet the needs of planing mills and timber merchants where reasonable runs of precision cutting are the normal requirement and carrying a 130mm tensioned wide bandsaw blade.

ST10F – a development of the VHE105 with the additional capability of precision angle cutting, with the complete saw unit tilting and timber remaining horizontal, for ease of handling.

VHE120 – Heavy-duty production resaw with 1220mm diameter pulleys and 150mm wide blade, for larger planing mills where precision cutting at high speed is a requirement.

Key Performance Data

Model Pulley Diameter/Blade Width Timber size (width x depth of cut) Feedbox fence to saw line (max) Feed roll box to saw line (max) Feed speed Tilt
VHE36 915mm/100mm 490mm x 400mm 200mm 290mm
10-60m/min (std)
10-80m/min (opt)
10-120m/min (opt)
VHF36 915mm/100mm 490mm x 400mm 200mm* 290mm
10-60m/min (std)
10-80m/min (opt)
10-120m/min (opt)
VHE105 1050mm/130mm 490mm x 400mm 200mm 290mm
0-80m/min (std)
10-120m/min (opt)
ST10F 1050mm/130mm 590mm x 550mm 290mm* 300mm
10-80m/min (std)
10-120m/min (opt)
VHE120 1220mm/150mm 540mm x 400mm 250mm 290mm
10-80m/min (std)
10-120m/min (opt)

* Note = vertical cutting only – max opening when cutting at 45° is reduced by 50mm


Low friction pressure sawguides of either a disposable or remachinable design provide the excellent blade stability required for accurate cutting. Remachinable sawguides are fitted as standard on the VHE120.

Sawblade & Pulley cleaning

These machines are fitted with a solenoid-controlled drip feed system with automatic cut-off to provide the correct flow of cleaning fluid to lubricate the felt pads. In tandem with scrapers fitted to the pulleys, the felt pads ensure the cleanliness of both the pulleys and the sawblade.

Saw straining

Strain is applied to the sawblade by a pneumatic cylinder, which applies force via a linkage when the lever is operated. It is fast and flexible in operation, with rapid reaction to shock loads. For safety purposes a low-pressure switch is incorporated, which automatically removes power to the main drive motor power (so the machine stops running) if pressure drops to an unsatisfactory level.


Timber handling equipment
Sawblade deviation detector
Ammeter to measure load on motor
Pressure spray lubrication system
Remachinable sawguides
Remote operator’s station with feed system controls and emergency stop
Setting system for the feedboxes
Setting system for the tilting saw unit NA
Steel subframe – eliminating the need for a special foundation
Bandsaw blades