General purpose resaws for green mills, dry mills, joinery workshops, furniture manufacturers, builders’ merchants etc

Stenner’s world-renowned range of radial arm resaws combines robust engineering with the latest technology to ensure versatile, high performance operation.

The range includes single head (ST models) and twin head (VHT) machines to cover a variety of volume requirements and applications, whether installed as the main production machine in a smaller workshop or providing off-line flexibility in a larger mill.

ST resaws require no pit or special foundations for installation (apart from the largest ST150 model, which requires a pit but has a steel subframe to eliminate the need for a special foundation). The machines are simply bolted to the factory floor and connected to electrical and pneumatic/hydraulic (depending on model) supplies and dust extraction. In addition, the low noise level during operation means there is no need for a sound enclosure. If the mill layout changes, the ‘no pit’ ST resaws can easily be re-sited.

VHT resaws do require a pit for installation, but enable higher productivity since two cuts can be made in a single pass.

Precision cutting is ensured by the solid ‘vibration-free’ construction combined with the effective sawblade straining system and pressure sawguides, with the tensioned thin gauge wide bandsaw blade resulting in narrow saw kerf and therefore increased yield. The radial arm provides constant pressure throughout the full operating range for accurate feeding of varying timber dimensions.

Heavy-duty cast iron pulleys give long service life between resurfacing, with cleaning fluid automatically delivered to the pad and scraper system to control of resin and sawdust build-up on the pulleys and the blade. Integrated ducting and extracting points are provided for efficient removal of sawdust.

Single Head Models

ST80 – classic Stenner heavy-duty build, quality & performance, with pneumatic saw straining, adjustable fence with tilting facility, infinitely variable feed speeds.

ST100R – a highly engineered, compact and reliable band resaw that is particularly suitable for joinery workshops, furniture manufacturers, builders’ merchants and the many other woodworking establishments where quality, reliability and versatility are important factors, incorporating a soft-touch digital pad allowing all major functions to be controlled from one point.

ST100HS – a specialist high-strain, low kerf resaw that is ideal for accurate sawing of high quality products from valuable timbers for applications such as musical instruments and fine furniture, featuring a pneumatic radial arm with photocell activation, 203mm polyurethane feed rollers, manual (screw jack) tilting chrome fence and table rollers as standard as well as the HMI controller (programming of sawblade and feed speed and indicating fence position).

ST130 – combines the performance of a 130mm wide bandsaw with the convenience of ‘no pit’ installation, for producing quality sawn timber from the largest cross-sections, incorporating a soft-touch digital key pad and feed control located in a remote pedestal.

ST150 – invaluable as a general purpose resaw in green mills and dry mills and particularly useful for splitting squares and deals into furniture size, with powerful hydraulic feed for fast, accurate cutting of any timber section within its large capacity range.

Twin Head Models

VHT36 – specifically designed to meet the needs of timber merchants, planing mills and sawmills where relatively small sections of timber require one or two saw cuts, with full width horizontal rollers at infeed and outfeed, fence dial with enlarged scale, and a fully flexible radial arm that is pneumatically operated and cushioned and quickly controlled.

VHT105 – a general purpose machine with powerful hydraulic feed, suitable for high production resawing in planing mills and sawmills where one or two saw cuts are required, with horizontal rollers synchronised with the vertical feed rolls, deep robust fence with sealed bearing rollers for smooth timber flow, fence dial with enlarged scale and hydraulically-operated radial arm giving constant pressure on unsawn surfaces.

VHT120 – a robust, powerful sawmill machine designed particularly for the conversion of slabs and cants into finished product, helping to substantially increase output and achieve high timber recovery rates, with remachinable pressure sawguides as standard, horizontal rollers synchronised with the vertical feed rolls, deep robust fence with sealed bearing rollers, fence dial with enlarged scale and hydraulically-operated radial arm giving constant pressure on unsawn surfaces.

Key Performance Data

Model Pulley Diameter/Blade Width Timber size (width x depth of cut) Roller fence to saw line (max) Feed rolls to saw line (max) Distance between blades on twin models Feed speed Tilt
ST80 850mm/80mm 510mm x 310mm 305mm 230mm (std) NA 5-35m/min 0-35deg
ST100R 915mm/100mm 510mm x 400mm 305mm 230mm (std) NA 5-60m/min 0-35deg
ST100HS 915mm/100mm 365mm x 350mm 230mm 230mm (std) NA 5-60m/min 0-35deg
ST130 950mm/130mm 600mm x 300mm 300mm 230mm (std) NA 5-60m/min 0-35deg
ST150 1200mm/150mm 762mm x 610mm 457mm 230mm (std) NA 5-60m/min 0-35deg
VHT36 915mm/100mm 560mm x 380mm 230mm 230mm (std) NA 5-60m/min 10-60deg
VHT105 1050mm/130mm 755mm x 380mm 355mm 230mm (std) NA 5-60m/min 10-60deg
VHT120 1200mm/150mm 680mm x 500mm 250mm 230mm (std) NA 5-60m/min 10-60deg


Low friction pressure sawguides of either a disposable or remachinable design provide the excellent blade stability required for accurate cutting.

Sawblade & Pulley cleaning

These machines are fitted with a solenoid-controlled drip feed system with automatic cut-off to provide the correct flow of cleaning fluid to lubricate the felt pads. In tandem with scrapers fitted to the pulleys, the felt pads ensure the cleanliness of both the pulleys and the sawblade.

Saw straining

Strain is applied to the sawblade by a pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder, which applies force via a linkage when the lever is operated. For safety purposes a low-pressure switch is incorporated, which automatically removes power to the main drive motor power (so the machine stops running) if pressure drops to an unsatisfactory level.


OPTIONS ST80 ST100R ST100HS ST130 ST150 VHT36 VHT105 VHT120
Feed rollers for special applications (ie rubber covered, spiked, arris)
Independent timber support rollers
Powered table rollers (speed automatically synchronised with radial arm feed)
Timber handling equipment
Outfeed timber guide
Sawblade deviation detector
Ammeter to measure load on motor
Pneumatic operation of radial arm, giving constant pressure on unsawn surfaces
Hydraulically driven fence
Linear counter
Variable saw speed to optimise performance when cutting several different species
Pressure spray lubrication system
Remachinable sawguides
Foot pedal override for pneumatic feed
Electronic fence positioning system with preset dimensions and keypad entry
Electronic fence positioning system with preset dimensions and touch screen
Remote control station with feed system controls and emergency stop
Full colour touch screen programmable setting system with remote control pedestal
Steel subframe – eliminating the need for a special foundation
Bandsaw blades
Spare parts packages
Service contracts